In Motion

I was deeply attracted by Loie Fuller’s “Serpentine Dance”, her swirling silk created a fantasy world of light plays. Her liquid movements were able to manipulate fabrics into abstract sculpture forms. I use wax sheet to build up these flowing shapes based on cutting, joining, bending, folding, looking for symmetry and repetition. All these physical […]


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Dune is a beautiful contradiction. It’s simple and complex, it’s peaceful and violent, it is always the same, never the same. It is endlessly fascinating to me. My shapes can represent an idea of a captured movement, as a flowing form curling around itself. Dune appeals to me and results in my continuous exploration with […]

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Desert Flower

When I started being interested in desert landscape and looking for inspirations, Georgia O’keeffe’s works captured my eyes. I was attracted to her shamanic quality. I was trying to explore the relationship between femininity and nature, flowers are perhaps the most feminine of artistic symbols. This collection is about depicting flowers through abstracting the natural […]

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